"Caring & Sharing - A Simple Way to Provide Food Assistance"





Thousands of children, many who are

homeless,attend Osceola District Schools

 and are struggling with hunger.

 Their ability to learn is effected by hunger

and these children face each weekend

with the fear of not having food.

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Corporate and Business Food Drives 


If you work for a company with 50 or more employees please consider asking your company to sponsor an annual employee food drive for our children in need.


The food drive can be a once a week event collecting our needed list of ten food items or it can be planned for each interested employee to bring one item each week for a ten week period.


We have thousands of children in need of weekend food and when people like you say yes and help us to provide the food the children are so excited every Friday.


We will make arrangements to pick up all the food once collected.


Learning without Hunger


For the coming 2013 - 2014 school year we will be reaching out to all our communities to inform everyone that children need to focus on learning.


Hunger effects children even when they have eaten that day but fear not having food tomorrow.


We talk to many of these children and hear how anxious they can be living in a family where food is a constant concern in their young lives.


Company Food Drives can be a great experience for employees and create a sense of pride and team work in their workplace.

Our Weekend Backpack Food Items:
  1. Peanut Butter (18 oz)
  2. Grape Jelly
  3. Box of Oatmeal packets
  4. Can of Tuna in water
  5. Can of Pasta in sauce
  6. Ramon Noodles
  7. Applesauce cups
  8. Can of soup
  9. Box of beef or chicken rice
  10. Mac & Cheese

We Thank You for Caring & Sharing