"Caring & Sharing - A Simple Way to Provide Food Assistance"





Thousands of children, many who are

homeless,attend Osceola District Schools

 and are struggling with hunger.

 Their ability to learn is effected by hunger

and these children face each weekend

with the fear of not having food.

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Corporate Sponsors

Do Something Good

The success of our Green Bag Project always comes down to our community support.

A major component of our fund raising and food drives is the support we receive from companies large and small. Over the past several years, some companies have supported us with an annual employee food drive and others have supported us with financial support.

Awareness that there are thousands of children attending our local schools who are food deprived is always the first step in helping us to establish weekend in school food pantry's.

What you can do

If you have a corporate foundation or simply a selection process of charities who you wish to donate to, please consider the Green Bag Project as a worthwhile opportunity to feed hungry children.

We are a 501 C 3 tax exempt charity and all donations go directed to feeding the children. We are an all volunteer group aligned with many church's and civic groups and we have no established or fixed operating expenses.

Employee Involvement

Employee food drives built around our list of ten food items is a great opportunity to introduce a company wide culture of caring and community support. Employees enjoy the team effort when they are involved in reaching out to local children dealing with hunger issues.

Friday Blue Jeans Day

Another opportunity is to establish the Company Blue Jeans Day where the employees can dress down each Friday if they contribute $2.00 to the charity box.

We have companies who do this by department and the result is a win win for both the employees and for our children in need.

Special Annual Lunch Event

A company wide event with several food trucks arriving at lunch time and the employees and or the company pay a small fee to participate and receive lunch.

The employees receive a fun selection of lunch options and other fun events can be planned and scheduled.

For further Information on how your company can support the Green Bag Project please call 407.396.0730.

Thank you for Caring & Sharing with Children in Need