"Caring & Sharing - A Simple Way to Provide Food Assistance"





Thousands of children, many who are

homeless,attend Osceola District Schools

 and are struggling with hunger.

 Their ability to learn is effected by hunger

and these children face each weekend

with the fear of not having food.

Friday Kids Pack's - Children in Need of Weekend Food

Thousands of children here in Central Florida receive their primary meal each day as their school lunch and for many of these children very little additional food is available.

On weekends or school holidays many of these children suffer from hunger and we are asking that you care and help us to provide food assistance to these young children.

Starting in the 2009 school year the Green Bag Project started our "Fridays Kids Packs" program and with the help of many others, we now share in providing weekend food packs to over 1,100 children in need every Friday of the school year.
When a school pantry is established and we are able to provide the food, the teachers and school staff select the children with the greatest need. The food is carried home in their backpacks each Friday and we currently assist in providing food for twenty two (22) elementary and K to 8 schools.

There are additional schools that have requested weekend food pantries for their children in need and we always advise that when we have the available food we will expand the program.

The cost to send home our selected food items for each child is just under $6.00 each week. One example in our backpack program is mac & cheese at a cost of $0.39 a box, which will provide dinner for a family.

If you or your church, employer or civic organization is interested in supporting this effort please call 407-396-0730.

Thank you for Caring and Sharing!

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