"Caring & Sharing - A Simple Way to Provide Food Assistance"





Thousands of children, many who are

homeless,attend Osceola District Schools

 and are struggling with hunger.

 Their ability to learn is effected by hunger

and these children face each weekend

with the fear of not having food.

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Lots & Lots & Lots & Lots & Lots of Socks

Osceola District Schools

Winter is coming and toes will get cold... Please start a SOCK Drive at your church, community or place of employment.

To drop off a box filled with socks, or if you need someone to pick it up, please call 407-396-0730 - Read more.

Thank you Adam Russell


Below is a letter from Adam explaining his success in raising funds for our children in need of weekend food.


This is a great idea of a virtual run which allow runners to do their run when and where they choose. Continue Reading.

Learning Without Hunger in Osceola County.

The Celebration Foundation sponsored a meal packing event held at four locations on a recent weekend.


The locations where St. Cloud Civic Center, Kissimmee Civic Center, Celebration Health and the Celebration Town Hall.


There where 1,500 volunteers and everyone had a great time packing over 250,000 rice and lental meals. Each pack makes a large meal for a family of four.


The pallets where quickly delivered to local food pantry's, the Council on Aging

and many will be used in our in school weekend food pantry program. 


Thanks Celebration Foundation for serving the people in need in Osceola County

Thank Heaven for Snacks!

Thousands of children, many who are homeless, attend the Osceola District Schools and are struggling with hunger. Their ability to learn is effected by hunger and these children try to learn while waiting for a chance to receive food. Read more

Sneakers for September

At the start of each new school year, thousands of children in Osceola County come to school with very old and very worn out sneakers. Some children come to school wearing flip flops and some children wearing sneakers much too small for their growing feet.

We sometime see sneakers that have been cut down the back and then duck taped to allow the child to still fit into the sneaker.  Read more
Green Bag Project